Shadow Insurance

I was debating between the Shadow Insurance and Primer Potion. No price for guessing which I pick. This wasn’t as raved as the latter, and the packaging makes it more hygienic I feel. Cause it’s a tube and you squeeze for the product to come out. Less contamination.

Other than its packaging, this is a creamy eye primer. I used just the tiniest amount for both my eyelids. If I put just a bit more, I find that it’s flaky. It just crease on me. So really a micro amount will do. It spread well over the lids. It is lighter than my lid. My lid color is kind of dark I don’t know why. So it hides the veins perfectly, giving my lids a clear base to work with. As an oily hooded lid person, I can’t live without eye primers. And I think I find one that will last me a lifetime.


2 thoughts on “Shadow Insurance

  1. I know what you meant by oily hooded lids. I have both eye shadow primer and I kinda prefer Too Faced Shadow Insurance to Urban Decay’s Primer Potion.

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