Pixi Energy Blush

Got this beauty in no. 3 Naturally Sunny. I thought it will contain a bronzer and a blush. It looks very natural online. End up it was a blush and glow. More on the highlighter side. I don’t highlight my face, so I was not so happy at first. It contains Awakening blush & highlight duo + brush.
The packaging is cute. Kinda bulky, like foundation powders. But I do love the baby lime green color.

It states that these pick-me-up colours will transform you from tired to on-top in a swish. Nothing brightens and awakens the fact like a flattering blush and highlighter. Use highlighter on brow & cheekbones and blush on apples of the cheeks for maximum awakening effect. I guess that’s why the highlighter is more, cause you are suppose to use it on the brow too. That’s my logic.
The brush compartment is a pullout one. For some reason I find it really cute. Anyway, the brush is pretty dense. Not bad quality, but not the smoothest I own. For the product itself, the colors are actually pretty. It’s pigmented and last a long time. When swirl together, the color doesn’t really show. It’s above the two colors swatch. Nonetheless it’s a lovely combination.
I do not have a very long cheek jaw area. Sometime trying out contouring, I always feel that it’s so close to the jaw area. Same with blush. When I apply on the apples, it’s like no more space to highlight. But my face shape is oval.
So with this, it seems like highlighter, blush and bronzer are put on all at once. The awakening blush is actually a nice shade as a bronzer. I never thought I look awake using this, as I don’t see the highlighter on my cheek. I use it with a light hand, but it gives me a wonderful glow. It just freshen your face up. I love it. It really is an energy blush.


2 thoughts on “Pixi Energy Blush

  1. Hey i’m just letting you know that I nominated you for the Liebster award. Check out my post to find out more -http://kazz1n.com/2013/10/20/the-liebster-award/

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