MUA 3in1 contour pen

A plastic pen type that looks like a liquid eyeliner without having any mention of the possible color on the packaging. That’s what I think every time I see this. I have two of these, and it’s hard finding out which is which. I have to open it first.
Auburn is a pretty brown with specks of glitter. Which hardly show once it’s on the eyes. This is not really pigmented. It’s smooth like butter and glide effortlessly on the lids. It smudges though. I use this as a liner, as I don’t know what else to use it for. As an eyeshadow base it’s not the best. It’s just too thin. Since it transfers, I just don’t bother as an eyeshadow. It will crease badly.
Gunmetal is pretty. A grey with teal and purple shimmer which hardly show too. The color again is not pigmented, but I like this just fine. I have my color tattoo in taupe, but I always want a lighter less intimidating color. So this is perfect. But this transfer onto my eyelid too when I use this a thick liner. It isn’t a good product for people with oily and hooded eyelids. Luckily it wasn’t expensive.


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