Essence Lipliner – 10 Femme Fatale

I thought MUA lip liners were great. Well, they are but the Essence ones are just wow. It’s creamy, super easy to glide on. Comes in a range of shades, but I choose 10 Femme Fatale, which is a bright red with a hint of orange tone. The color is super pretty, I wish they still have the lipstick, but I can never find it.
I am suddenly in love with red, so I started with lip liner. I figure if you use red lipstick, you will need a red liner anyway. So I just use it all over my lips. It looks quite drying. It is a tad. I should have use a balm before hand. Anyway when I put a clear gloss over it, it just become a glossy red lip gloss. It’s super pretty and pigmented. Like obviously cause I cover my whole lips with the liner. But ya, it’s just so lovely. I am afraid to move my lips as I don’t want the color to disappear.

I highly recommend Essence lip liners. It’s just so good and really inexpensive. That is the best part, as it’s only $2.50. I have a high end lip liner and it dry on me. Therefore a good drugstore one is probably the best.

One way you can use lip liner is with another lipstick of a different color. Line your lips. Use another color to fill in the lips. Press your lips together, and move it around in a forward and backward motion. Well, you know what I mean. And..
Viola, you have ombré lips. It’s not a really obvious one, but I use a nude shade lipstick to fill it in. The colors on the picture wash it out too. in real life, its pretty, I promise. Oh make sure the lipstick is super creamy, so they blend well together.

Dare I say, I don’t look that bad in red.


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