Feather natural plus

We were in BKK on a budget holiday. Anyway the hotel we stayed did not provide us with any soap and shampoo. So we went to the supermarket and pick this up. I used this as a soap and wonder why the water doesn’t cleanse properly. (I brought a mini shower gel by the way) It’s like I have to rinse myself forever to get rid of the soapy feel. My sister use this a shampoo, she had the same problem but with her hair. It lathered up really well as a shampoo and shower gel. Even though there wasn’t any “bubbles”.
The mistake was made as we were trying to figure out what this product is. All the words are in Thai. I’d searched the whole bottle for any indication as to what it was to no avail. Therefore, our understanding of the picture of lime automatically link us to a product, in my case soap. Refreshing, light, scented. And the product is rather milky and satin feel. For my sister shampoo as lime is associated with freshness and cleanliness and getting rid of oiliness. Guess what, it was a conditioner.
If you see from the picture, you realized the word conditioner is written at the bottom in tiny font. I swear I checked the bottle thoroughly and I did not spot the word. My mom told me she bought it cause she thought it was a shampoo, which I end up using as such. Only on the last day, we realized it was a conditioner and that because I took a picture of it. So I did managed to use it as a conditioner once.
But seriously, look at the bottle, what does it remind you off? Ok now I look at it, it looks more like a shampoo bottle. In my defense the texture is more like soap.

As a soap: it’s just very soapy. Wasn’t sticky but it linger on your skin like how conditioner is. You have to really wash it off.
As a shampoo: it surprisingly did well as a shampoo. For a couple of days, I managed to survive. Sure at the end my hair was oily, at least I have smooth hair. And every time I washed it, my hair became clean again.
As a conditioner: it’s like any conditioner. Makes hair feels smooth and tangle free. Oh, it smells quite nice too.


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