Foot Peeling Mask

Foot peeling mask was all the hype many many months ago in Singapore. I tried it out cause I have the worse looking feet ever. This review has been sitting on draft for too long, so I figured I should release it into the world wide web.
This is what the packaging look like. It just seems so promising. There were many brands to choose around, but this has a pretty good review. I like that it has both Korean and English text for easy understanding.
Before you read any further, be warn that the rest of the post has really gross pictures of my feet.

So these are the steps. The mask itself its pretty big, will probably fit anyone. It has double “wall” so the liquid doesn’t leak out. And it’s very cooling. I find that it’s very troublesome if you do not have your own bathroom. Cause you have to wash and clean your feet then apply the mask. If your bathroom is just a shower, like mine, then you still need to step out of the room and risk dirtying your feet. So that’s that.
I just rest on the bed, cause it feels weird to be walking with a mask. It just feels really wet. Like you soak your feet in water and you can’t take it out so you’re stuck. I really don’t like the feeling. I mean I’m the kind of girl that whenever possible has to have a clean, dry floor in the shower. I just don’t like wet floors. I usually tiptoe in my own bathroom, and quickly turn on the water.
Anyway, I was so scared that the liquid will spill. Luckily it didn’t. Doubt it will easily spill. Nevertheless, I just sit pretty much comfortable on the bed with my legs pretty still.

So below is a picture of my feet. This is a before picture. As you can see its already very dry and it’s peeling. It doesn’t really peel on most days, but it just nice peel when this photo was taken. Usually peeling only occur after a day on the beach. So you can see why I really need this peeling mask.
Apparently I had deleted some photos, so I can’t show the progress on the affect. Below is a picture of after 4/5 days. And yes I do have children toes.
It started to peel all over after a few days. It doesn’t hurt, in fact it’s quite fun peeling them off. But they said not to manually do it. You just let it drop off naturally. But it gets annoying when the peel is a huge chunk and it flap against your foot when you walk. Really just feel like tearing it off, which I did eventually. I just tear off the extra skin like 1/2mm away from the non-peeling part.

Wearing shoes also help when you are going out. You don’t want people to be gross out. But the dead skins will stick to your socks. Just a fair warning. Other than that it’s really fun seeing it peeling off.

When everything is pretty much peeled, you should have really smooth baby like feet. You will know when the process end, cause there will be no more peeling. Unfortunately for me, I still have areas where it’s still cracked. So it clean up nicely, but not thoroughly for me. I guess I have to keep using them. Cause a couple months later, my feet is back to where it was minus the extra peel.


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