Cle de Peau emulsion

cle de peau emulsion
There is two emulsion. The smaller one is a gentle protective emulsion (tendre), the bigger one is refreshing protective emulsion (fraîche). I used them both at different time.

The gentle one is watery, kind of the same consistency as the Lancôme blanc expert. But I find that I need more to apply to the whole face. And it’s rather sticky on the face. It takes awhile to dry, which is forever on my time. I don’t like it at all.

The refreshing one has the same consistency as my Clarins UV plus. I like this better than the gentle one as it is more watery and blend easier. It makes my face looks whiter too. It wasn’t as sticky so it’s good.

Then I did some research, and apparently the refreshing one has SPF. Well I mean its obvious isn’t it? The word protective should have told me that it has SPF. It just wasn’t stated on this sample bottle. The mini containers are made of those thick glass that doesn’t break that easily. I really like Cle de Peau samples as the packing is really good.

From the website:
Emulsion (for daytime)
F: For a youthful, crisp finish
T: For a soft, dewy finish
Use in the morning after applying skin conditioning lotion. Pump the dispenser twice (1.5 mL) onto a piece of facial cotton. Place the cotton on the middle and ring fingers, and secure with the index and little fingers. Thoroughly apply by following the contours of your face.

It never occur to me it has SPF until 2 days of using the refreshing one. Further research shows that both have SPF. And I used them at night. I’m just so silly.
Anyway, I know this retail for a high price. I prefer the refreshing one but its like the same as my Clarins which has a higher SPF so I kind of prefer the sunscreen. Even though a two in one is kind of nice. It’s just in the end, it’s kind of oily, so I wouldn’t repurchase this.


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