Maybelline Color Sensational in Peachy Scene

Moisturizing, non sticky, has a scent to it which I can’t a put a finger on what.
The swatch on the hand is really pretty.
Under the light or in natural light, the color is so much bolder. I actually prefer it to be more peachy which will be in darker settings. However the picture is the true color on my lips. It just has a sheer metallic finish to it? Like a pinkish metal sheen to it.
It’s easy to put on, glide on nicely, feels nice on the lips but I’m not crazy about it. This last for roughly 3 hours plus and even so, it doesn’t fade out. The colors still sort of linger around the borders of the lips. Plus I drink hot tea while wearing this, and it doesn’t disappear. So really impress with that. However, I don’t reach out often to use this lipstick. Only when I’m playing around then I remember I have this and feel bad I never touch it. I will use it just for a while and try on other colors. So I don’t regret getting this, but I feel I knew I wouldn’t waste the money.


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