Revlon CustomEyes Mascara

I like mascara and I’m always curious bout those 2 in 1 mascara where you can twist the cap. So I got this Revlon Customeyes just to play with it. It’s just nice that the brush is separated from the tube. And I played with it. Twisting from 1 to 2. And honestly I don’t see any different. Or the mechanism is spoil cause it’s not meant to be twist when it’s not outside the tube. Anyway no difference. Ops.
Using this in 1 for length and drama or 2 for length and definition. I think it’s suppose to be thicker(fatter) and thinner bristle when you change between 1 and 2.

I really like the brush though. It’s plastic and has many concentrated spikes, long and short. It’s evenly space out, and I find that it grip through my lashes really well. Great for separating.
But I don’t like the formula of the mascara. First impression is great. Second time using, not so much. It kind of clump and smudge on me. It is still the same after a couple of weeks. So this is not the mascara for me.


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