Noni Black Hair Magic

There was a time, everyone and their mama used this product. Well not everyone, but it was super popular in Jakarta. Why do love it, is cause this is a miracle product. This is sort of like a hair dye, hair treatment and hair mask all in one. There are other brands that cater to brown hair, but it wasn’t as good as this one.

I shared this with my mom. At first we bought the individual pack which came with the disposable gloves. Then we bought the ones in this box. This box contains 10 sachets. We have to buy our own gloves. Since my mom regularly touch up her roots, disposable gloves is readily available at home, so it wasn’t a trouble for us.
Noni Black Hair Magic supposedly contains herbal medicine for hair nourishment essence which is pure natural essence that helps for blackening hair. They use USA technology, whatever that means. Anyway, the people on the street was saying how you are suppose to use at least 10 sachets, which is one box. Apply every week once for a month, after use once every 2-3 weeks.
Application is easy, it’s like a hair dye. First wet the hair, then towel dry. Wear disposable gloves, tear open one sachet and apply. Since its a dye, it will stain. So, have to be careful, especially white shirt. I like to use an old towel just so it stain my towel instead. But ya, basically apply just like how you will when you dye your hair at home. They also say to massage into the roots and leave on between 10-15 minutes. I use a hair cap to hold in my hair for that period. Lastly, rinse off with water.

This has a slight herbal scent to it. It isn’t overpowering but it can linger on after I wash my hair. I don’t shampoo my hair after rinsing, therefore the scent will still be there. Not a good pleasant scent for me.

So I just googled it. This really is a hair dye product. But it has the added benefit of effectively prevent hair loss, remove dandruffs and supplement nutrient to the roots of your hair. Which now I know why my hair is black now. Cause what I heard from the street was that this is for preventing hair loss and makes hair become healthy. Really nothing about dying the hair black.
It is no wonder. I always have amazing hair after using this. My hair is obviously shiny, healthy and jet black. My cousins will always comment, “I love your hair! Did you dye it?”

I did use it once a week for a month, then twice in the next month, followed by once every month. I can conclude that I like it cause it always my hair looking super healthy. It’s like just black and glowing and bouncy and flow beautifully. Just think of Pantene commercials. It is exactly like that. My hair is not even black in the first place. And eventually like all hair dye, your hair will grow and your roots will show.

So in the end, it is effective in eliminating white/gray hair. Can only be use for people who wants black hair. Doesn’t prevent hair loss. Dandruff wise, for me, it removes them, but that’s only it’s a non-oily treatment. Hair will be not be oily, so no dandruff will form (for me). So it’s not a treatment per se, just a better alternative to other hair dyes out there.


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