Kiehl’s Lip Balm #1

Once upon a time, there was a teenage girl reading magazine at a salon. She read an article featuring some woman which for the life of her she can’t remember who. But what she did remember was that the woman was a lip balm junkie. She can’t live without it. Thus she had plenty of them. She will go out and buy one if she forgot to bring it with her. But her favorite of them all is the Kiehl’s lip balm #1. She swear by that product. The teenage girl, as a lip balm junkie herself promise that she will have to try that someday. Many years had past, and she finally got hold of it.
This is like a better improve version of Vaseline. It’s a gel form and really thick. Makes your lips super shiny. I only use this at night and I apply really generously. The next day, it will be all gone. I always put a really thick coat as I like to feel them when I rub my lips. It will be very thick. If I just apply moderately, when I rub my lips, it doesn’t feel like I have lip balm on. Which is actually what most people will want. But for me, I will feel like it’s not enough. So that’s the problem. Either it feels comfortable on the lips but it’s too much or it feels too little but it’s the “proper” amount. Good thing I use this at night, if not my lips will be the main attraction. It’s really shiny.

I like that this has SPF4 and helps protect lips from drying effects of wind and cold weather. I also feel that it’s good for that. When the weather’s cold, you really need to protect your lips. It just gives you that layer of protection. But in sunny Singapore I don’t feel that it’s needed. So a normal lip balm is sufficient.

The tube can also be better. If you apply directly from it, it will be messy. The balm will get everywhere on the opening so it wouldn’t be nice. The only way is to use your finger. If the weather is cold, you will probably be wearing gloves so that’s not ideal.

I don’t think this is the best lip balm out there. There’s still many HG lip balms in the world which I’ve yet to try. This is just good for daily maintenance and minor chapped lips. But when my lips are really dried it doesn’t cure it in a day. I will still wake up with flaky lips. So it just helps a little. Overall I like it, but it’s not my HG.


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