10 Days to Xmas: TBS seaweed

When it comes to Christmas or birthdays, my mind comes to The Body Shop. TBS has so much gift sets at different price point. It’s easy to find a gift for practically anyone. I have tried a lot of TBS products, some I had already reviewed in this blog, and I still have more that I have not. I am not being paid for promoting TBS nor am I working for them, but I think it’s just a great place. They have makeup too, but I have not personally try them out. I just think its affordable to get anything from there. Even though it can be boring getting another TBS item, but it’s something that can actually be use.

tbs seaweed
Here, I have the seaweed travel set. This comes with a cleanser, toner, moisturizer and night cream. The seaweed series is for people with oily skin. I like that it’s travel size, I like that I can sample the range, but I don’t know if it’s cheaper to get the original size and divide accordingly or this whole set.

Anyway, upon trying, I was so taken aback by the scent. It’s just horrible. I don’t like it. Other than that, it’s actually very soothing for my skin. It helps to control the oil for a bit. I mean some people swear by it, especially the toner which is their best selling product. But I just can’t stand it. I would like it better if its not for the scent.

But overall it’s ok. Especially for traveling. It’s just nice, as it comes with the bag. It’s not packed too, so I can put in travel serum and eye cream. One bag for skin care and I’m good to go. And the color is kind of my fav, even though its kind of muted. So I suggest you take a sniff from the samples and see if you actually will like this range.


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