7 Days to Xmas: Proactiv 3 Step System

For the teenagers with acne prone skin, this is a good set to get. They say there is no better product than Proactive to help get rid of pimples. Then they say that if it doesn’t work, move on to Murad. Proactive is cheaper though. My sister tried every drugstore brands out there that claim to get rid of acne and none seems to work. So after so long, we finally get her this kit. One reason why I don’t want her to use Proactiv is that it’s a kind of product once you stop using your skin will go back to the way it used to be, just like SKII. (The former with teenagers I know, the latter with the adults my mum and aunt know)

Her skin seems to be getting worse, so we finally did get them. Even though research shown that it only will get rid 2/3 of acne and its extremely drying.
The set comes with a cleanser (step 1), step 2 toner, step 3 moisturizer and a free mask.

The Renewing Cleanser is nice with a few micro beads that act as a scrub. It’s not drying which is nice. The only problem is that it stinks if you have pimple. I do like the pain, but it can be shocking. If you put on pimple cream, you expect it. For this you expect it, but I still feel shock but it.

The Revitalizing Toner, I feel is just like any other toner. Hurts when it touches the the spots though.

Moisturizer is nice. It’s not oily.

The Refining Mask can be use for 10 minutes before rinsing or as a night leave on treatment. It’s just a white paste. After rinsing I feel my pimples are more define. Them after 5 minutes they are less red. The next day, I have dry patches around the area of the pimples. It became so dry and started peeling. So I think it’s just good on the pimple itself and not around that area.

So overall, I only “steal” my sister’s to try out, and I can say even with my oily skin Proactiv is too dry for me. It is also doesn’t work fast. After 5 days I still have pimples. The only thing is that it reduce in size, but it’s still visible. Other acne treatments usually make the pimples pop. So it’s quite nice that Proactiv doesn’t.

For my sister, she has been using this for a month. Her face is not as red and pimply as before. But it’s nowhere close to being clear. It takes her at least 2 weeks to really see a difference. It’s just nice to see her using skincare religiously. So the result of Proativ could be bias. It could be cause she cares more bout her skin. So maybe with other products it will give the same result. Nonetheless, we will be seeing how it goes. But I, we think, only the cleanser is worth the money.

I have 2 other cousins who use Proactiv and they can’t seems to stop. Which is what they said once you use this and it works, you can’t stop. Is that good or bad? Or should I say naughty or nice?


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