5 Days to Xmas: Skin79 miniature set

How about a set of bb cream? A trial size to see what you like the most, or the person you are giving it to. I always think that miniature set are not only cute, but it’s a great idea to try out different kind. I know Sephora has a bb cream set that consist of high end brands. There is also Dr. Jart, Skinfood and L’egere bb cream set that I know of.

So this is the difference between the 4. It is hard to really see the differences, but to me, the hot pink is darker. The light pink is kind of the lightest. Texture wise, its all pretty similar.

bb skin79skin 79
At first, The Prestige BB Cream doesn’t gives off a matte finish, but it’s not too dewy, so it’s just in the middle. Second time I used it, I loved it. In fact I love this the most (among the four). It applies so easy, really smooth, give off a more matte finish and really long lasting. It also kind of brighten my face.
Super+ Beblesh Balm comes in second. It gave the pretty much same appearance as the diamond, but this one is slightly darker, even though this claims to be for whitening. Oil control is good but not as great. Application is not so smooth, until I realized its not the bb cream but the moisturizer I use. I use my Lancôme moisturizer and the bb cream goes on real smooth. So it really is what is underneath that makes the bb cream easy to apply.
This Diamond Collection, Luminous Pearl Beblesh Balm is just so sparkly. It has shimmer in it. Look at that, my whole hand is glowing. I am afraid to use this. I don’t know at what occasion do I want my skin to look this luminous. Sparkle all over. So I only just use a tiny bit. It sparkles when it catches the light. But it is not as glowing as I first thought. I guess a little is good, but I prefer matte looks.

The hot pink is the most common bb cream from Skin79. It’s the Super+ Beblesh Balm Triple Function. This is the one for oily skin. For some reason this didn’t give me a matte finish. After awhile, my skin was back to being oily. For a product suited for oily skin, this just doesn’t do its job. Then the second time I tried it, it’s the same. The third try I forgot to apply moisturizer and this finally work. It gives me a matte finish and stay that way for a period of time. So this only work on an empty face.

The light pink is still my favorite and in term of oil control it’s the best. And what I like about them is that I do not need to set them with a powder. I can just apply the bb cream and I’m all set. The hot pink one, I realize with setting powder, it will control the oil better.

For a tiny sample of 5ml each, this last forever. I use each tube for more than a week. I probably only use 0.5ml each time. I also like that this doesn’t give me grainy looking nose like most foundations do. For this set, I like that I can try different kinds so I know what work for me. And that it is small so it’s great for traveling. Really loving Skin79 and I want to try more.


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