4 Days to Xmas: Elizabeth Arden Travel

A palette that pretty much contains everything will be the perfect gift for anyone who loves to travel. Especially those who love to travel light. Or just anyone really. It’s good for touching up on the go, a sleepover at a friend’s, a stay over at the chalet, a short trip to Batam, JB or even Sentosa. I think it’s nice to be able to bring as little as possible. With a palette, most of the makeup will be in one place.

Well, it depends on the palette really and usually foundation will not be included. But there are many palettes (or sets, like the Benefit kits) to choose from. Oh, it is also nice as starter kit. I pretty much try wearing eyeshadow when I was a preteen from the Dior travel palette.

So here I have the Elizabeth Arden Travel palette. I don’t actually like having eye shadow and lipstick/gloss together, but it’s alright. It’s nice to have them in palettes, even though a separate section will be nice. This comes with 2 eye shadows (Smoke and Moonbeam), 2 lip glosses (Pink Pout and Shimmery Pink) and a blush (Sunblush). It also comes with a small blush brush, a dual ended sponge and lip applicator and a mirror. It’s as big as an iPhone 5, but much fatter.

So here is the swatch. The blush and the shadows, especially the white one, are smooth.
The blush is pretty. It’s shimmery, and on the pan it is quite light, but when swatch it is actually quite pigmented. The color is also quite subtle. A pity it has shimmer, if not I would have love it more.
The shadows are really easy to work it. Even though its pretty simple, but you can do a simple eye look with that. Both are pigmented and have a satin finish.
The glosses, now that’s something I don’t like. The lighter pink is colorless and it’s really sticky. The other one has color, but you have to pack on for it to be nice on the lips. It is less sticky, but I don’t like the formulation of it.
So removing the glosses in this palette will be better. I really feel like depotting the shadows and blush. Or maybe depot the lipgloss and get rid of it. I should design my own palette. If only.
If you can create your own ideal palette, what will it be like?

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