Maybelline color sensation

Maybelline color sensation in Pink Bloom. This is still in the old packaging, if anyone remember? Bought this in Batam, as the lipsticks there are still the older version. i guess thats why it’s much cheaper, for SG$5 I think. I pick up this lipstick purely for the name.
I have no idea it will be a pink with coral undertone and a pearl finish. It’s really pretty. It’s also not so pigmented. Not exactly sheer but it can be build up. And I really like the glossy finish. You don’t have to put gloss on top of it.
One problem is that it is too soft and melts. I have to melt it all up and put it in those mini container.
It’s really hard to capture the color on camera. It’s really nice on the lips. But since its in container form, I don’t really feel like using it as it gets troublesome to apply. Cause this doesn’t last long, and I have to reapply it, I just don’t use it. Really a pity. I guess I don’t love it that’s why.


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