Shu Eumura Face Architect Smooth Fit Fluid Foundation

I just can’t seems to get the right shade for foundations. However, I’ve just splashed them all over my face without remorse. It’s the life. I’ve been using the Skin79 BB creams and I’ve been enjoying them a lot. I just can’t help but try out new foundations. In this case it’s the Face Architect foundation. This isn’t mine, but my cousin doesn’t suit this, so she passed it along. I just gladly take it as it’s an excuse to try and review them.
So here it is and I like the packaging first of all. There is a pump which is great and the bottle is just a frosted glass which fits my hand comfortably. This is in the color 764 medium light beige. It’s a tad yellow for me.

The foundation itself is a pretty full coverage. I only need a little dot for my whole face. It’s quite thick but quite liquidity and easily blend. Cause it’s yellow, it brightens up my face quite nicely. It’s not a matte finish but not that dewy too. I have to powder it up as it will be oily after awhile. Lasting power is not that great. I find that after 6 hours, it start to break down. So I really need to use a primer to help it last.

It’s a good foundation and even though the color doesn’t suit me, I can get away with it. So I do like this.


2 thoughts on “Shu Eumura Face Architect Smooth Fit Fluid Foundation

  1. I’ve read about people using foundations slightly lighter than them but using a loose powder slightly darker to get it closer to their skintone and vice versa. You might wanna give that a go! =) I haven’t tried any Shu Uemura products, but I want to!

    • Ya I heard about that too, but whenever I buy a new powder I keep forgetting bout that. I just use a bronzer to lightly dust all over my face for now.

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