Peach Parfait Lip Butter

When the lip butter first launch, I wanted Peach Parfait so very much. But I kept putting it off and end up picking something else.
So I finally grabbed it just so I will stop fixing my eyes on it whenever I’m in Watsons. The colors in tube seems innocent enough. Really peachy, looks shimmery and very pretty.
When swatch, it is very glittery. An orange coral tone that shine like a gloss. I’ve read reviews and seen mix feelings on it. I guess I can understand why. The color is rather pigmented and very sweet. However when you apply it, it is very soft. The product itself is soft. The color won’t be the full color on the lips. It’s also very glittery to a point that it is almost gritty. But it’s still beautiful. It stills feel nice on the lips, just that if you want the opacity of the color, you have to apply a lot. Argo the gritty texture.
See, it looks like it’s very glittery, but the color is nice. It isn’t my top lip butter, but it is still good.


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