Plumping lip gloss in Peach Shimmer

Loving this baby pink. Loving the plumping effect. In fact I feel really sad once the tingling stop. This is by far my favorite plumping lip product. I’ve only tried a few though.

I am not sure if I love the pink or the plumping more. I guess if it’s just as a pink gloss, I wouldn’t have love it as much.

The packaging is quite sleek. The wand I don’t like as much. It’s wobbly. Cause the tube is tall, so the wand is long and not so stable. But it still work. The applicator is just a doe foot. Nothing special about it.

The color is opaque on its own. However a few coats is needed to get that. It can also be use over lipstick. But I find that only nude and pinks will look alright.

I do like the tingle on my lips. And whether it helps with lips look bigger, that I don’t know. My lips are not small and not big, so it doesn’t bother me much. I never really pay attention how this makes my lips look. Cause it doesn’t bother me and not the reason why I use this. So I guess this is a pretty useless review. But I just want to put it out there that I love this product.


One thought on “Plumping lip gloss in Peach Shimmer

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