Chanel Sheer Illuminating Base

Getting into makeup kind of drive you towards the ideal steps of makeup application. It also teaches you that you want your makeup to last longer your face. So a base is very important. You need to prime the face for the foundation to last longer. Of course there’s primer for different kind of needs.

This Chanel sheer illuminating base is as what it said an illuminating primer. It has so much rave I had to try it. I still think I fail at applying primer as I don’t like the effect they give. I find that primer makes my foundation super flaky and streaky. So whenever I use primer I will use the tiniest amount of foundation.
A sheer white base that is quite thick at first. It’s watery but thick if you know what I mean. The bottle has no pump so a lot can come out despite it being slowly pour out. It smooth out my skin so foundation apply easier but still streaky. And I will have to avoid my nose area.

Once I blend out everything perfectly and done with the rest of bits and pieces, my face is just glowing. Glowing in a wonderful way. It’s so glowy and healthy looking. I love it so much. Until an hour later when it started to get more shiny and I knew it was the end. My face turn oily. Not that bad yet but I knew it was only a matter of time. So I had to blot a lot. I guess this isn’t for oily skin. But for a moment I did have the best illuminating face.

Since it was expensive, I had no choice but to keep using it. I find that if I stayed in cold air condition room, the oil control will be better. I do still have to blot and touch up, but it wasn’t as bad. In the end I think I still prefer a matte look.


3 thoughts on “Chanel Sheer Illuminating Base

  1. Did you wait for the primer to dry out completely before applying your foundation? Cos I think this kind of primer takes longer to set into the skin than the oil-free ones (if I am not wrong)… And I totally understand what you meant about the turning oily part after 1 hour…

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