Revlon colorstay soft & smooth

Bought this at the airport. I wanted the suede one, but for some reason the colors here is much more appealing. Anyway, this is what it looks like.
The colors I got are:
350 Smooth Nude – a neutral with a hint of peach
360 Pink Indulgence – light Barbie pink with undetectable gold shimmer
295 Satin Rosewood – rusty maroon with a hint of magenta (more mauve on the lips)
230 Rich Raisin – a deep maroon
colorstay colorstay
The colors are really pretty. Even though the Smooth Nude and Pink Indulgence can look more frosty, it’s still wearable. I love it with a tan. It just complement each other. I like how it is so smooth upon application. It just glide on like butter. However, it will get dry and looks ugh. You really have to have the smoothest lips to pull off this lipstick. But once it’s set, it’s pretty much will not budge from your lips. I like it cause of that, but I really don’t like cause of the dryness.

So these can only be apply on really smooth lips, a little of dryness will be these looking ugh.

I wouldn’t be purchasing this again or recommend it to anyone, as I know most people prefer moisturizing lipsticks. But this lipstick is fun to use. It’s a challenge to me, and I do like the result when I managed to pull it off. So it wasn’t that bad in the end.


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