Stop Cracking Up

I bought this cause it sounds promising and the packaging is cute. There was the green one which is minty but I decided to get this as its the original. It is the most puzzling lip balm I’ve ever tried.
The texture is exactly like a gloss! It feels like a gloss, but it said that it’s a lip balm. And it is cause it is moisturizing. But it is just a clear glossy product that I am like how? It’s just so weird. The weirdest part is that it actually helps with chapped lips.

I always use this at night before I go to bed. It’s kind of sticky at first then you get used to it. It became not sticky then you wake up with flaky dried chapped dead skin that can be remove easily with a rub of your finger. It’s like a lip scrub you leave on for the night. At least that’s when your lips are chapped. When it wasn’t chapped, it just helps to moisturize it. It really is a good lip balm even though it feels more like a gloss.

I apply this with my finger then I always be left with the residue and I will rub it away on the back of my other hand. The stickiness kind of just disappear. As in it just turns into something like oil. Like rubbing a tiny amount of coconut oil on the back of your hand. It’s so bazaar. This is one product that just blow my mind, really interesting.

Isn’t really the best lip balm, but it’s good enough. Especially good for getting rid of those flaky skin. It could be the best but I downgrade it cause of comfortably. I want a balm that I can feel it there when I rub my lips together but not when I don’t. This just kind of being in your face all the time. So you know it’s there, just like a gloss. That’s the only thing I am not so fond of.


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