TBS Strawberry

My favorite scent from The Body Shop is strawberry. I have purchase them countless time and I love everything from it. But if I were to choose, these 3 will be my absolute top 3.
Strawberry body polish is a daily scrub. At least that’s what they told me. They say its more gentle than the scrub which you use once a week or fortnightly. So the polish can be use daily which is nice. It isn’t harsh at all. But I like that there are tiny seeds and granules that helps to polish off the dead skin.

Strawberry purée body lotion smells so heavenly. I love to use it in the morning and I will smell of strawberries for the rest of my journey to school. It absorbs into the skin pretty fast, not sticky and just lather on easily.

The strawberry shower gel smells lovely. I mean of course all smell so good, but it makes the bathroom filled with the scent of strawberries. It’s just so yummy and makes you want to stay in the shower forever. The gel itself lather on pretty well, but it doesn’t foam up. When you rinse it off, it can be quite drying, but it’s not extreme. And after a while, your skin is back to normal.

I love strawberries. What’s your favorite scent from the body shop?


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