Bio Spring Water

I just had to try facial mist, makeup setting spray or whatever you called it. So I picked this up from the for shipping of $5.99. In order to get sample, you need points and you get them by reviewing stuff. Anyway, I did picked up samples from them ages ago and I got the free shipping one. This time, when I logged in and update my particulars, I managed to end up with 8 points, which means 4 samples. You are only allowed to have four samples per shipping cost of $5.99 anyway, so it’s perfect. This sample bio-mist was said to retail for $5.90. I just had to pick this up, as the full size (300ml) is too big for the purse and rather pricey for technically tiny water particles.

When I first saw the bottle, I was kind of disappointed at the plastic feel. The full size I believe is aluminum or whatever spray bottles came in. Then the mist that come out from the bottle is kind of hard and it hurts spraying onto my face.

The third time I tried it, I finally managed to get the bottle to spray out the fine mist that’s gentle on my skin. I finally appreciate this facial mist.

So it says that this has 20 excellent efficacy for hair, face and body. You can use it on babies too to soothe diaper rash. It is ideal for sensitive skin. You can use on before and after makeup, after exercise, under hot weather to refresh skin and when you are traveling especially on the plane. It will control oil, refine pores, make skin looks fairer and firmer.

If you read all that, you will be wow this water is magic. I don’t know how much fairy dust is in the bottle but it sure is great on the skin. I really like it. It really helps with oil control which is the one think I want from facial mist.

Since I pretty much addicted to this, I kept searching online on DIY setting spray. I don’t want pay so much money for them. The easiest way I find is to use 1 part glycerin and 4 part filtered water. The formula is for oily skin. It will be better to use rose water or orange blossom water but I don’t seem to be able to find that.

So I got the ingredients from iHerb. The fine mist bottle from Daiso, which is a lie cause it’s not so fine, therefore a cheaper bottle will do. I don’t really measure the ingredients. The first time I mixed, the formula still leave my skin oily and rather sticky. So I reduce the glycerin.

1 part glycerin
5 part water or more if still sticky
2 drop green tea
2 drop vitamin E

Then I just shake it all and use it. I like the bio spring and may buy it if its on clearance. With commercial item, it’s nice as the formula is already fix and set. So you know it will work all the time. With DIY, it is about measuring and adjusting till you find something that work. So it is more fuss. I think that’s the major difference. The other is money.


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