Crayon Lip Stain

I really like these lip crayons. They are easy to use and you don’t have to sharpen them. Most of these crayons promise either a balm, a stain or both. So I like that and I really want to try them all. All the colors, all the brand. I’m slow in getting into them, but now that I’ve tried, they are just my absolute favorite. Well one of the the favorite anyway.
So I have 3 of these. 2 MUA and a Vivo one which is a Colour Stain in Wide Awake. It is a pink tone mauve. as its pink, but also more on the magenta tone. Vivo only promise to be a stain, but I find that it has a balm feel to it too. While the MUA one is call Power Pout. I got one in

Broken Hearted which is a pretty raspberry pink. The other one is Rendezvous which I thought will be a neutral nude. End up its more pink, but it’s really natural on the lips. It just give the lips the right amount of color without looking over the top. It is a my lip but better color and it suits practically anyone. My cousins was commenting on how they love my lips color. And they all tried it, and Rendezvous just looks good on everyone. I highly recommend it.
The colors are not that much different from first glance, but it really perks you up in different way. As all three have different undertone, so I can choose them depending on my makeup or outfit for the day. Most of the time I use Rendezvous though as that’s the one that looks awesome no matter what.

I really like these crayons as they are moisturizing, doesn’t dry up my lips and they stain my lips. It’s just perfect as I will always have colored lips and I will look more awake. Plus they are not expensive. They can be found from their respective websites and I usually wait for some deals before hitting that purchase button.


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