Cargo HydraBronze

Cargo has such cute containers even thought can be a pain to twist them open. So I have the HydraBronze, which is

It says to hydrate the skin, improve the skin’s moisture level giving your complexion an illuminated look. I don’t know all that when I purchase this. But it has an above average review and I really want another bronzer and to try Cargo.

It bronzer is pretty with the details. But I rather like the plain surface as it’s the smoothest thing I’ve ever touch. The bronzer is quite light, rather shimmery. It has super micro flecks of gold. If you use it lightly and sparingly, I guess it can be a bronze color highlighter. This is not for contouring, but I can get away with it as I will just dust it lightly. It just complete the whole face. Plus using a brush, the gold specks are not that obvious.

Compare to my HG YSL Sunpowder, this is lighter. It is also not so orange. It will give a more define contour look as it is more “brown”. It is also gives you a more illuminated finish. While the YSL is more natural as it is more orange. So it has that I just stand under the sun for too long kind of finish. I like them both. I don’t think I need both to be honest, but I don’t think I can choose one over the other.

I think I need a matte bronzer, not that I actually need one. But it will be nice to have just for comparison purposes.


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