Dior eyeshadow

I am happy to announce that I found some Dior product that work for me. Introducing all-in-one artistry palette in Amber Design. I can’t really capture the true colors from the palette do I screenshot it. Anyway, the colors are neutral with 4 powder and 1 cream shadows.
The top right is sheer, very glittery. It’s more of a topper to make any shadow sparkly.
Below that is the cream shadow, a matte dark brown which has a powder finish I feel. It’s great as an eyeliner. Also can be use as an eyebrow color, but I don’t like my brows to be so dark looking.
Next to it is a really beautiful golden beige shadow. Golden cause it has gold specks in it. It’s good as a base color or on its own.
The left top is just a normal pearl dark brown. Its pigmented and easily bendable to give a fading color. A good crease shadow as it just easy to camouflage onto the others.
Lastly, the centre one is a rusty gold color. I usually just use this all over the lid. It kinds of blend with my lid color. But it adds a bit of sparkle.

The shadows are smooth. The colors are beautiful. The price is nice! Can be use for both morning and night. It’s a good on the partly side neutral palette. So it’s a good investment. I can justify the price for the quality. But of course now I want more!


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