First Impression: MAC lipsticks

I finally got the chance to try out MAC lipstick. I always like MAC counters cause they just have the most colorful lipsticks around. It’s just that there are just way too many to choose from, and it’s intimidating for me. Plus I love my cheap lippy that I don’t see what’s the big deal MAC is. I have this mindset that when people think makeup they think MAC. So I’m actually quite bias against them.

So when my cousins bought MAC lipstick, i took the opportunity to try them. I tried Angel which is a frost. I like the color, it’s a nude with the smallest hint of pink in it. When I tried it on, it’s just doesn’t really cover the whole lips. I have to go through it a couple times. Which makes me think that it’s probably the same as any lipstick I already have. It takes a few swipe to get it to be really opaque. I also find that it’s quite drying and I can’t rub my lips together if not the color will transfer off. It doesn’t justify for the heavy price tag I think. But I’m a sucker for makeup and the color is kind on me, now I want one.
The other color I tried on is Half ‘N Half which is an amplified. This one is slightly darker than Angel. It is also more tan than pink. I feel like I have many these kind of nude in my collection, but it is still pretty on my lips. It doesn’t wash me out and it covered better than Angel. I also think that I have to scrub my lips before actually using them.

Out of the two I prefer Half ‘N Half. For US$15, I guess I wouldn’t mind buying them. But SG$30 is kind of something you have to consider. I wouldn’t mind buying Viva Glam as the proceed will go to help HIV patients but man $30, that’s 6 subway meals right there.

All in all, I don’t see the need to actually have a MAC lipstick. But it’s just nice to own them I guess. I mean it’s like a cult product. Just like you are suppose to have a Naked palette, They’re Real mascara, Nars Orgasm, etc. MAC is definitely that one brand makeup lover suppose to explore first? At least that’s the branding of MAC – colorful, clubbing makeup – it’s what we learn in school.


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