The Rocket

I bought this in the UK as usually it takes forever for new product to get into Singapore market. This time it wasn’t that long for the rocket to land in Singapore. But anyway, I’ve been saving this mascara and I bought one more at Luxola during one of their sales just for comparison. I wanted the waterproof one and I realized that’s the light blue wordings and they don’t have that in Singapore.
So the difference: 9.6ml made in Italy and 10ml made in China. The latter is from Singapore. Other than that it’s pretty much the same.

I prefer this as compared to They’re Real. It’s much more dryer and separate the lashes better. I also feel that I do not have to curl my lashes. Somehow it will curl them up a little. It helps to volumise my lashes and makes them look longer. It basically just makes them look fuller.

The wand is nice but sometimes I prefer the traditional wand. It is nice as it grabs onto the lashes, but if I kept coating them, it will clump. So I have to stop at the right moment. While with traditional wand, they don’t feel as heavy when you kept going.

The downside is that once you use it for about 2 months, the formula kind of clumpy. I never even use it daily, so it’s kind of a waste. The finish is also kind of crisp, so you can’t really layer it with other mascara.

So I will consider this if I am only using one mascara as it’s nice not having to curl your lashes whenever you apply mascara. But if not, I think the Magnum is a better mascara.


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