Dr.Ci:Labo BB + Super Cleansing Ex

I can very much see why people love this bb cream, especially those with oily skin. For 3ml sample, I managed to use this for a week. Some times I used it sparingly, other the product chunked out a lot and I lathered it on. Whether a thin or thick layer I put on, it doesn’t leave me oily. The only different is that a thin layer, after 4 hours, it will start to fade away. It isn’t a good look when I’m walking around school with a red face. Then again I found that I can only put a thin layer on my nose, if not it will look grainy despite exfoliating.

So it’s kind of a love hate relationship. But the more I use the more I love. It’s like Skin79 but it feels so much better on the skin. The color is a bit off for me, but it blends nicely overall. So it wasn’t a big deal. I may get this if I don’t have so many things to try on.
I am not a fan of the cleanser. It’s a tad too dry for me. It just doesn’t lather up. So every time I use it, I will not know if my face is clean. I guess it’s good that it doesn’t take away moisture from the skin, but ya, don’t like it. I tried it on a dry face, tried it on a wet face, I can’t seems to really work with it.


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