MUFE Rouge Artist Intense Intense Color Lipstick

Rouge Artist Intense Intense Color LipstickIsn’t the tiny lipstick cute? Well you cant see how small it is, but it is just a sample size but it’s big enough that for it to last forever. It is only 1.5g when the full size is 3.5g. So it really is not that bad. In face how I wish most lipsticks are this size, so I wont feel so bad for owning so much.

This is no 42 which is the Satin Vermilion Red. According to some websites, this color is the cult color to have for Rouge Artist Intense. So lucky me.

At first use, I find that is is quite drying. But eventually it is alright albeit a little, but I guess most log lasting lipsticks are. And I find that since my upper lip is much darker, the red appears more cool tone. For the bottom lip, it appears more warm tone. Those were my thoughts. But if you are not as obsess at staring at my lips as I am, I doubt you will notice.

Oh this is one the red lipstick that is quite forgiving to wear. You don’t need to use a lip liner. So that is another reason to try it. And I like the scent of it – a classic lipstick scent. I don’t know if the other colors in this line is as pretty. But I really will considering checking them out.


2 thoughts on “MUFE Rouge Artist Intense Intense Color Lipstick

  1. Oooh. Yes, it’s a really pretty colour. I’ve not tried anything from MUFE because it’s so expensive but if I could get hold of trial sized lipsticks like these I wouldn’t mind.

    • Yup. Trial sized rules!! Lol. But it’s hard to actually get hold of them. I got this from bellabox. Doubt they sell it to the public. 😦

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