Revlon Colorburst in mauve

I’ve been enjoying the colorburst line lately. I don’t think they still make the lipstick but its still in the market. Anyway, I got the one in mauve which is a purple based neutral. I never imagine me wearing something purple, but it swatches really pretty in the store that I had to get it. Plus it looks more neutral in the store, less purple, I think thanks to lighting. Only at home I realized that the color I got is mauve so of course it had to be mauve.
The picture of lip swatch is just a bad photo. And it looks more pink, I don’t know. As compare to the lip butter, it’s just a full color while the lip butter more like a balm. Both are good colors, both feel good on the lips, but they both give a different look to your face.

It’s surprisingly smooth to apply. It’s a cream, so it’s really nice. Pigmented. I can apply it once and run out the door without having to worry about bald spots. The color is really good on me too. Some days really mauve-y, some days just more MLBB shade. So I’ve been loving this lipstick a lot.


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