Leaders Clinic dermasoul Pore Control Mask

leaders clinic ,askI look fierce with a mask on. So this is unique as it is imprinted. All the other sheet masks i tried are pretty much just plain white. So it’s nice to know which side of the mask is touching the face.

The mask is not one that is tight. You can use it and still move around. It will stick to your face strangely. I always fear masks just drop out of my face. Not this one. I can move around but it’s also not a relaxing mask. Usually when you can’t move with a mask it kind of forces you to lie down and enjoy yourself. But this allows me to do my work. So it’s good if you want to multitask. I’m not saying others can’t give you that privilege too, but it’s just that others usually give you the I better take a break now kind of vibe. Do anyone get that?

Anyway it’s a really moisturizing mask. My face feels good but it looks really oily. I don’t really see how it helps to control the pore. I feel it kind of emphasize it more but maybe that’s just me psychologically – focus on the nose too much cause of the word pore.


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