lip ice
Just a basic lip balm. Colorless with a hint of lemon.
Fruit crushers fruitomic punch flavor smells wonderful. Despite the color on the tube, it’s still a colorless balm. It’s really expensive though – $10.
I like that this sample is so small. It’s minty, clear but really waxy.
Chap ice kiwi lime lip balm smells exactly like lime. I really the packaging. You have to push from the bottom to get the product out. I bought this for HK4.5 at SASA, and they have other flavors. It’s a nice lip balm to have, but sometimes the lime can be a bit too overpowering. I like it for winter months, not so much in the summer.
The original Chapstick! It was only $2 at Watsons, cheaper than any other lip balm. There were the Union Jack print and this which I decided to get. Surely nothing beat the original. Come to think of it, I don’t think there was a difference except for the SPF. And prettier packaging if you’re into that.
So the Chapstick itself is very waxy. I don’t like how when I first open it, it just concave in. So I kind of only applied through the rim. Eventually it even out, and I don’t find it very moisturizing at all. Not a fan. Therefore, I am only using this as a base for moisturizing lipstick as I don’t want to waste it. But ya, I guess that’s why it’s only $2?


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