Collagen Cleansing Sheet

This has 50 sheets for $2. I couldn’t ask for more. The wipes are good size. It’s normal size; It’s wet; overall a good makeup remover. Plus 50 sheets, it’s a lot. Strangely I don’t use it as much as the 20s or 30s. I really just use one a day. Then again, most of the time, I will wash my face after so it wasn’t such a big deal.
It said that this unwoven cloth contains enough cleansing liquid to easily remove makeup. Contains collagen to improve skin moisture.
It is a good face makeup remover. However it doesn’t take off waterproof mascara. So I guess that’s why you can get it cheap. But as a face makeup remover, it does it job really well. I guess cause its wet so it just wipe off easily. Quite a happy purchase with this.


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