Travel set COC pink brushes

Pink brushes, really couldn’t get any prettier than that. It was so nice online that I had to buy it. The brushes are alright. Doesn’t shed. Soft enough. It comes in 5 brushes. A blush brush, concealer brush, eyeshadow brush, angle brush and a lip brush. I pretty much use the concealer brush for eyeshadow too. The lip brush comes with a cap that can be use to lengthen the brush.
The blush brush is a bit thin and it fans out, so it picks up little product, good for super pigmented blush. But I find that I have to use it at an angle. So it may be a better powder brush.
Overall a decent set of brushes. For the price, I couldn’t complain, plus they are small so they’re good for traveling and clean up is easy. But if you want good quality brushes, I suggest EcoTools.

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