Brown Eyeliners

I kind of given up on black eyeliners. I mean I rarely wear eyeliner anyway, but when I do it will be brown. I was trying both Vivo and MUA brown eyeliners. Both are okay, for the price you really cannot expect more.
MUA is darker, it is a rich dark brown. While Vivo is a softer chocolate color. Both have their purpose and I do like them the same. MUA I like cause of the sharpener on the packaging, so it’s easy to sharpen whenever needed. Vivo has a smudger, so it’s nice for softening the look.
Both do smudge, and I don’t really think they settle and set. I always find them transferring. Then again, I am not patient. However I find that using a primer really helps to make it stay in place. So I’ll prime the whole lid then draw the line as close to my lash line as possible, rub away the one that transfer, then I’m good to go. Of course it doesn’t last the whole day, but I really do think they are decent enough for newbies like me.


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