CK Velvet Blush

Couldn’t resist a berry blush. This is in the shade Heather Silk. Not the smoothest blush around, but it is pigmented. The picture is with flash, so it appears more fuchsia. I real life it is a light maroon berry, just like the swatch color. Anyway, it can be blended out easily and will appear more sweet. It is alright, but for the price tag, I don’t think is is worth. Plus it smells of crayola. Gonna admit I do love the smell, cause it is quite nostalgic. But unless you put near to your nose, you can’t scent it.
The packing is sleek. Acrylic, which a lot of cheaper brands using, like Vivo. It is sturdy enough, but I wouldn’t bring it around. The clasp just doesn’t seems to be quite secure. If this cost $5 or come in a better packaging than maybe I can recommend it, but for now, it is not that great.
Will repurchase? No.
Other shades? Maybe.


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