SilkyGirl Long-Wearing Lipliner

I thought I saw this for $2.80. End up it was $8.90. I wanted to cancel but I didn’t know until I saw the receipt. Oh well, at least it is retractable so that’s nice. And the color of in 01 Nude, which can be use for anything.
I was wrong.

This is so drying. It applies alright, but when I try to shade in all my lips, it is just so flaky. Even under a balm, it doesn’t help. I guess that’s why it is long wearing. The pencil kind of broke on me. So that’s like a dollar gone just like that by being broken. The worse is that it still allow my lipstick to bleed. What’s the point then?
The color is quite dark for a nude. It is alright for me as my lips are pigmented. It is made in Germany so that is nice. And the more I use it, the more it gets better. I guess the lead inside that’s not really expose to air is less drying. But it still doesn’t do its job. I am not gonna regret but next time I would not buy anymore.


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