MAC Mattene Lipstick in Eden Rouge

Such a smooth lipstick, like butter that glides on easily on the lips. Loving my borrowed MAC lipstick from my mom. People love MAC lipsticks, I don’t as much. I do love the colors, maybe I’m just not trying enough. Anyway, not much people talk about this MAC lipstick. Usually it is the bullet lipstick they talk about. I don’t know why, cause I absolutely love this.
mac eden
It is smooth, glide on easily, feels exactly like applying butter in a good way. The only bad thing about this is I need to use a lip liner. Most red need a lip liner anyway.

As it is call Mattene lipstick, I kind of expect it to be matte, but it is not exactly. It has a little shine. Eden Rouge is a red with a magenta undertone. But in different lighting and surroundings, the color kind of differ. Still pretty in any color. I guess cause it suits me. Even though it is more of a warm red, despite the magenta undertone. Unless of course it is not magenta undertone and my eyes are just plain wrong. Then again, I see what I saw. Different people percept it differently, this is just how I see it.

Will repurchase? Yea.
In other colors? Yes.


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