Revlon Photoready Powder

revlonI bought this cause the tester call out to me. It was just the smoothest powder I’ve ever touch. I just kept running my fingers in circle around the compact. I don’t know how I convince myself to buy another powder, like I need another, but I did.

So my shade is Natural Beige. It’s kind of those moment I’m proud of getting the right shade. Anyway the packaging is quite sleek too. Black, matte, simple and has a mirror. This has a SPF 19 too, so it’s quite good.

However, I find that it is not as smooth as the tester. It just has these tiny dots when you run your fingers around it. I sure it is not finely milled or did u just pick up a bad batch. It is also quite cakey on the face, but that could be my fault. I loved my Maybelline and ZA powders, so this just doesn’t compare well for me. I will use it up, but I wouldn’t repurchase.


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