Korres Lip Butter Stick

The only nice thing about this is that it has SPF15. I love my lip balm and as this is a lip butter, it is suppose to be more moisturizing. The color is also tools here for me. It just doesn’t flatter my lips. It has a light tint of orange but it doesn’t perk me up. It is good as a neutral shade I guess, but I usually wear tinted lip balm cause I want some color on my face.
The thing is, the more I use this the better it gets. I guess cause I am getting used to it. Still not a fan of the color, but the formula I can get used too. It is quite smooth, easy too apply. Bigger than the normal Chapstick, so it is nicer going over the lips. But it can get messy especially if your lips are smaller. Overall, it is ok. I don’t love it, but since I have it, I’ll keep using it.

Will repurchase? No.
In other color? No.


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