Aloxxi Colourcare Hydrating Shampoo

So this is for preserving color and helps repair damage. I don’t have colored hair, I wonder Bellabox kept giving shampoo to me that is not for my hair need. Oh well, this smells exactly like redoxon, those vitamin C supplement that you are suppose to pop into the water and wait for it to fizz up then you can drink it. So l love the smell cause it’s nostalgic. The container is nice too.
For once I use this quite fast. Usually a 45ml could last me 2 weeks, but I took less than a week to go through this shampoo. It is a nice shampoo, not drying. But as always it’s not targeted for oily hair. So I will get oily after 10 hours or something. Plus I find that my hair drop more. As in I find more strands of hair on the floor, so that’s not good. I think I really need to stop subscription to beauty boxes, but I always have the thoughts of I don’t want to miss out. It’s so frustrating.


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