First Impression: My Melody Good Morning Masks

I have 4 really cute My Melody masks to try. There are all different and who could resist a Sanrio character? Not me.
[Orange] Chamomilla Vulgaris & Mint Oil Control Mask: Anti-Acne

Let your pore breathe, in the decent scent of chamomile and mint and feels instantly freshen up. Deep moisture, moderate control over oily skin and enlarged pored. Get rid of annoying oily skin and acne breakouts. Now you too can have soft supple skin with balanced sebum. Feel the difference instantly!

This is very cooling but it smells kind of weird. Doesn’t makes a different to my skin. But after, it leaves my skin really sticky. I don’t like it.

[Pink] Rose Achillea Whitening Mask: Extra Whitening

Indulge in the elegant fragrance of organic Bulgarian Rose. Rich in Vitamin C and Alpine Floral extracts that whitens, moisture and improve dull skin. Now with Elastin and Co Q10 to plump up your skin! Close fitting silk pulp locks in all the moisture and essential ingredient, increases the absorption, so you can have flawless skin even without make up!!

This is cooling but not like the orange one. Plus this irritate my skin. Now I know cause it’s a whitening mask, that is why.

[Green] Lily Crystal Marine Tightening Mask: Skin tightening

Lily extracts to calm your skin. Crystal Marine from Mediterranean coastal, rich in Vitamin C, E, and minerals such as Potassium, Magnesium, Iron & Zinc. All of these are excellent anti-aging agent. Apply at night, your skin will become healthy glow the next morning just like after spa!!

This is alright. Doesn’t smell bad. It is very cooling and leave my skin smooth. Mentally, my face looks smaller, but that is just what I like to believe.

[Purple] Lavender& Lemongrass Brightening Mask: Soothing

Let your skin enjoy the double goodness of lavender and lemongrass, together with ginseng & ginger extracts. These finest hydro molecules will penetrate to the deepest layer of skin so you can now have a bright, glowing skin!!

This is the only one that smells really good. Really cooling and very refreshing. But my brows kept itching after 5 minutes if wear.

Overall I am not such a fan of these masks. They are just too big for me, too messy and too thin. They are so easy to get torn. Plus I really do not like masks that have extra plastic to keep its shape, even though the plastic is there for a reason.
I guess one good thing is that the masks doesn’t dry out after the 20mins you are suppose to put on. But to me, that is annoying. Cause once I remove the mask, it will still be kind of messy. They are just too generous with the essence, which is suppose to be good but I don’t like. Also it’s so fragile that once I stick it on my face, it is so hard to readjust. If I move it a bit, it will tear. And so cause of the packaging, these are a no for me.


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