MT Honey And Oat Gentle Deep Pore Cleanser

I’ve been sharing this cleanser with my sister. To be honest I asked her to use this cause it doesn’t do much for my skin so I just want it to be finish ASAP. The product, the color, really reminds me of honey but less sticky. The scent is alright.
People always talk about MT and how amazing their products are especially for acne prone skin. But seriously, it doesn’t help me at all. It doesn’t help my sister too. It is not a harsh product; also not a product that I feel can clean your pore. It just feels like it cleans only on the surface. It is good as a makeup remover, which it did said that it removes makeup, but that’s all I feel it does. I mean sure my face feels clean after but I feel that it is not a deep cleanser. And I still have the occasional break out so this definitely doesn’t do much for my skin.


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