Butter Gloss in Tiramisu

Everyone that tries this wonder why it takes them so long to try it. And I wonder why everyone love them so much. To me it just average and here is why. To me the price of NXY products in Singapore is not justify. (Ok, so I focus on the time of sales in the States which if I live there will be the only time I buy makeup products.) So you see I can’t buy $10 lip butter when I can get it at maybe $5.
The product is ok but not amazing. I just have to choose the shade Tiramisu cause that’s my favorite dessert. There’s a few nude shades and I really do want them all so I can do a comparison. But in the end, the name of the product is my choosing factor.
The gloss is comfortable on the lips. I do like it. But I really don’t see how this is the best gloss ever. I like the color, thankfully Tiramisu is a good shade for me. It is pigmented but I have to use a mirror to really apply this. It won’t go on even. At least for me. I guess my lips are not evenly pigmented, if that makes sense.
But overall it is one of the nicer lip gloss I’ve tried. I mean, for me the pigmentation can be better even though it already is quite good. So I guess that is my only complain. Cause I really do like them, but I wouldn’t say the best. I haven’t found the best, but this is just plain good and I really recommend them to anyone. I guess I should try other colors too.


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