MUA Single Shadows

mua eyeshadowsI bought more singles eyeshadow from MUA. I just cant help myself. In my mind I am just imagining all over lid shades. So, I never think to get any greens or bright colors or even highlight colors. The latter which I kind of regret. But I really do have too much shadows, considering I don’t use  them as often. I just like to play with them.

Anyway, as always with MUA, the price is reasonably inexpensive, the quality is exceptional. So the singles are as what you will expect them -pigmented and smooth. Even without primer, the pigmentation is just wow. With primer, the colors just last longer.

I purchased all, if not most of the wearable shades, which consist of dark blues, browns and bronzes.
Shade 24 looks quite pink, but it is actually a rosy taupe. At least that’s what it appear to me.

To be honest, ever since I depot them and put them in a pencil box (cause I am cheap and refuse to get a proper z palette), I hardly use them. It is just a pity considering the colors are so beautiful and the quality is awesome. Just by doing these post, I just want to play with them all night. So I think, a proper palette is needed, plus having it on my sight when I apply makeup also helps for me to easily reach it. I think that’s the problem with us, we put our makeup in drawers and forgot them. I really need to rotate my makeup more. Oh well, nonetheless, beautiful cheap eye shadows are just what everyone need.

Will repurchase? If only I have an empty palette to put in.
In other color? Just the neutrals.


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