Nuxe samples

I love Nuxe soothing moisturizer, it’s just so soothing for a better lack of word.
So here I have 2 more moisturizers, a toner and a serum.

I’ve tried the normal 24hr Soothing and Moisturizing Cream, it was good. I like it. Especially for night time. Here I have one that is enrich and one that is light.

nuxe24hr Soothing and Moisturizing Rich Cream for de-thirsts and replenishes. It is super thick, doesn’t blend as easily as the normal one. I can feel that is quite oily but not extreme. After awhile, it just appear dewy on the face. Surprisingly, it absorbed into the skin eventually.

24hr Soothing and Moisturizing Emulsion for de-thirsts and matifies. It is watery but still quite hard to blend into the skin. It appears the less oily on the skin, but still it is not mattifying.

Youth and Radiance Revealing Fluid is a serum. This is one that has a different scent than the rest. I guess cause the packaging is different too. I thought this is a toner, end up it is not a liquid. It is still thinner than the rest. It sinks into the skin beautifully. I quite like it. It feels quite oily at first, but eventually it “dry” out.

24hr Soothing and Moisturizing Concentrate is the serum for 24hr series. It is so much lighter than the moisturizer. Easier to blend in too. Sinks into the skin very fast leaving the skin super dehydrated. Also, it doesn’t make my face looks oily. I like it.

Will repurchase? Only the 24hr concentrate. But the rest I would love to have samples/travel size for traveling.


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