Hello Kitty Strawberry Perfect Glowing Silky Mask

Sometimes I can be quite gullible and fall through marketing traps such as cutesy products. This masks I bought just because I want Hello Kitty. There are a few Hello Kitty masks around, but I picked this cause it said strawberry on it.
The mask is too big for my face. It is quite a thin mask, but wasn’t as fragile. It is also very messy, lots of essence, which is good if you like more product, but I don’t like it. I rather have a dryer mask. It just gets so messy having droplets falling of your mask. The scent is quite lovely, makes me think of strawberry even though it doesn’t smell like one. It just mentally will gives you strawberry, I guess it’s cause of the packaging.
I don’t think this mask really do anything. I don’t see the glowing skin, even though I’ve used it quite religiously every other day. Plus I don’t like the fact that it is sticky. Every time I remove the mask, my face will feel really sticky, and will remain that way for at least 10 minutes. So I only do just like the sweet scent of this.


One thought on “Hello Kitty Strawberry Perfect Glowing Silky Mask

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