Institut Karite shower creme & hand cream

institut kariteI have here the Rejuvenating Hand Cream and the Extra Gentle Shower which is a soap. I like both as they remind me of milk. The shower cream is really moisturising, the consistency is more liquify. The scent is nice, however I feel that it doesn’t transfer onto the body. It leaves you feeling clean, doesn’t stink but doesn’t have that extra scent.

I feel that the scent of the hand cream is much stronger. The texture is smooth, albeit thick. A bit oily on the hand. So a little goes a long way. It doesn’t soak into the skin straight away. So I don’t really like this as a hand cream. What I like to do is apply it only on the back of my hands.

It is great on the elbows and knees though. Those areas that are extra drying, this is good for that. The packaging is ok. It is not hard to open and close. Overall, it is alright but not something I will buy again.


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